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Established in March 2020, PopCapacity® had a vision to digitize the procurement of 3PL warehousing and fulfillment capacity. By offering enhanced visibility and frictionless connectivity within our digital marketplace, they were able to offer the logistics industry a new modern way to procure space. After launching a successful marketplace they saw an opportunity to introduce their frictionless process and technology to other nodes of the supply chain. Thus creating the first ever digital procurement platform for logistics.


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How We Started

PopCapacity® was created from a pain point. Our founders went through the antiquated process of finding a warehouse during a global pandemic. The resources they had lacked technology and didn’t truly solve the problem of find space. A few months later, PopCapacity was born.


Gaining Traction

We gained traction in the logistics industry by creating a digital marketplace for warehouse space. Our Airbnb for warehouses come fully equipped with detailed profiles, and virtual touring. By leveraging data and AI we were able to match data from a warehousing opportunity to the perfect warehouse.


Top Tech Award Winner

This has been a testament to how hard we have been working to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Thanks to those who continue to believe in us!


We Are Evolving

By reviewing data and listening to our marketplace of customers (warehouses and brands) we have identified an opportunity to introduce other relevant logistics solutions. Similar to when Airbnb started offering other “experiences” or like an App store for your phone, just catered towards logistics solutions.


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