Between port congestion, driver shortages and an absolute scarcity of available warehouse space, the logistics world is looking at a peak season unlike any we’ve seen in recent years.

Cross docking is at an all-time high, as shippers often can’t find a better option than simply delivering goods directly to customers. Transloading is also on the rise, as shippers need to utilize any mode of transport they can, and in some cases any combination of modes they can string together.

Bottom Line

Challenges in the industry are forcing players to be more intelligent and resourceful – and this is where pop.capacity is in a position to make such an impact.

The Big Players Come Looking for Help

Recently pop.capacity has heard from three of the largest retailers in the nation, and all have more or less the same problem: They can’t locate space for their inventory. They’ve gone through the usual manual process. They’ve tried checking with their carrier and logistics network. No one has anything.

The largest of these retailers caught a break when a carrier recommended that they talk to us directly.

Because of our extensive network of partner warehouses, we had space available. And this is a big player who needs a lot of it. We were able to accommodate their needs with speed and accuracy by leveraging technology.

But it was more than just finding a warehouse with space. It was using the AI-powered intelligence of the pop.capacity platform to find the ideal fit. Shippers this big don’t need to be wasting their time having yet another redundant conversation with a 3PL, only to come up dissatisfied with the result.

They were fortunate enough to check in with a carrier who told them straight-out, “We don’t know, but these guys will.”

Get Ahead….Right. Now.

We want to encourage shippers to take advantage of their connections to us and think ahead. Right now, for example, there’s a big build of inventory involving outdoor furniture. Soon that will give way to traditional seasonal items for fall and winter. We can be proactive now on finding accommodations for shippers.

The challenge is only going to grow. Shippers are getting smart. They’re learning, for example, not to rely so heavily on Long Beach and are utilizing other port cities like Houston, Savannah and Charleston. They’re looking for ways to be more intelligent about where they’re placing SKUs.

The absolute imperative is to get these products out of the ports and out of demurrage. But you’ve got to have someplace to put them, and you don’t want to just settle for anywhere that’s got a few empty square feet. You want to find the facility that actually suits your needs.

The three big players we were talking about having upwards of 6,000 containers, right now, sitting on the ocean or in demurrage. They’re looking to move them all inland. Where will they all go?

The first contact they should make is pop.capacity. We’ll hook them up with the facility that matches their profile perfectly. Start thinking about peak season now so you’re not scrambling and working the phones when it arrives.

It’s going to be a peak season like no other. Are you ready?

We are.

So let us help you.

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