Atlanta, Georgia – June 25, 2024


Beatbox Beverages, the global pioneers of “The Original Party Punch”, have seen exponential growth over the years, surpassing $100 million in revenue at the close of 2023. This unprecedented growth required some major expansion and optimization to their supply chain, specifically in warehousing and distribution. PopCapacity® is the first Airbnb for Warehouse space. Offering brands the ability to source warehouse space with AI-driven results and virtual site tours. They have proven to be the most efficient, transparent way to source third-party warehouse space. For this reason, BeatBox tapped PopCapacity and their technology to assist with their rapid growth strategy.

BeatBox is proudly served in all 50 US states, ranking them third in the ready to drink beverage sector (RTD). This growth can be attributed to their eye for innovation and customer focused mindset. BeatBox’s distribution network has satisfied their customer base thus far, but they saw the need to make proactive distribution improvements in key markets, while also adding new locations in North America. The task of researching and procuring third party warehouse space proved to be a long manual process. In order to satisfy their warehouse expansion initiatives they needed technology and industry experts to speed up the process. PopCapacity was the natural solution that could quickly accommodate the urgent request. “We’re thrilled to partner with PopCapacity as we scale up our operations across North America”, said Zech Francis, Vice President of Global Marketing at BeatBox Beverages. “Their cutting-edge platform and deep industry insights have empowered us to enhance our supply chain with speed and efficiency, ensuring we continue to meet the high expectations of our customers everywhere. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to optimize our distribution and support our ongoing growth.”

PopCapacity is known for being the modern way to find third-party warehouse space. They aspire to be the “industry standard” when it comes to the procurement of warehouse space and various other solutions tied to their dynamic marketplace. With over 158,000,000 square feet of warehouse space, spanning 5 countries, PopCapacity’s marketplace offered Beatbox instant visibility into relevant options. “Data and visibility are the key factors to success when sourcing third-party warehouse capacity. The lack of visibility and information into warehouse solutions was astounding”, says Matt Fain, Co-Founder and CEO of PopCapacity. Their digital marketplace for space offers just that – data and visibility into the wonderful world of warehousing.

When BeatBox needed an expert, PopCapacity’s technology and team were there every step of the way. The PopCapacity platform intelligently directed this emerging enterprise to the most relevant warehouse partners in North America. Offering them speed and confidence as they rapidly expanded their distribution network.


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