Warehouse partners in the pop.capacity marketplace have to meet some rigorous standards by our shippers. So any warehouse showcased in the pop.capacity™️marketplace has already proven itself to a certain level of quality.

But it doesn’t stop there! At pop.capacity we are all about influencing our partners to achieve new levels of digital excellence. And that commitment has led to an amazing partnership with HAI Robotics.

A leading manufacturer of autonomous case-handling robotic systems, HAI Robotics has developed warehousing technologies that include HAIPICK robots, charging stations, customizable storage units, workstations and a software platform known as HAIQ.

Pop.capacity is pioneering the frictionless supply chain. With this partnership, we continue that mission by offering our partners the most advanced robotics and automation solutions, in an effort to reduce friction points within their warehouses.

“We take every opportunity we can to influence our partners with technology,” says Matt Fain, CEO of pop.capacity. “It’s in our DNA. And by partnering with HAI Robotics, we enhance our warehouses capabilities by now offering robotics and automation solutions to our network. We offer shippers and carriers in our network, more capacity and overall higher quality services. It’s an important part of our effort to pioneer a truly frictionless supply chain.”

HAI’s technology simply must be seen to be believed, here’s a sneak peek: https://youtu.be/MhUrs-0yAaw

HAI has developed a number of options for how pop.capacity warehouses can make leverage  its technology, including a full-sized systems and several smaller “start-up” options.

The benefits are undeniable: The HAIPICK system alone can increase storage density by 80-to-130 percent, while improving worker efficiency by as much as 300 percent! The robots can pick up to 32 feet.

With the HAI technology fully deployed, warehouses see significant improvement in goods-to-person performance, as well as speed, flexibility, and scalability.

We are very excited about this partnership with HAI Robotics. Offering the best technologies to improve the supply chain is very important to us, and partnerships like these get us one step closer to a frictionless supply chain. We will be reaching out to our partner warehouses to let them know how to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

The value of being part of the pop.capacity marketplace– whether you are a shipper, a carrier or a warehouse partner – just keep getting better!

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