Here at pop.capacity, we understand why shippers feel the need to leave no stone unturned in the search for warehouse space. Often they come to us looking for help matching their need.

They could stop right there, because we can help them find exactly what they need. But they don’t stop.

They check Google. They work the phones. They check their other contacts.

We sympathize but we also want shippers to know something: You may be the one who is driving up your own warehousing costs by doing it that way.

To understand why, you simply need to consider the dynamics of supply and demand.

In a tight market like this, full-to-the-rim warehouse operators already feel like they have the power to set pricing in the market. If you start the pricing at a dollar and you receive 10 inquiries about the same available space, you’re going to raise that price to $1.25, and then $1.50, and then even higher.

But sometimes that leave-no-stone-unturned shipper is the one responsible for all those inquiries.

It doesn’t appear that way to the warehouse operator, but that’s what’s going on.

This is because, when you do a really thorough search for available warehouse space, every method you deploy is probably going to bring you to the same option. You can only find what’s available, after all, so all that time you spend is simply going to land you in the same place we’ve already found for you.

But again, the warehouse operator doesn’t see it that way. To him, he got a Google hit. He got a pop.capacity hit. He got a phone call. He got an e-mail. He got a message on social media.

He doesn’t know they’re all the same shipper, so he perceives his space to be in higher demand than it really is. And because of that, he jacks the price.

All that searching you did just ended up costing you more money.

We understand why shippers feel the need to do everything possible to find warehouse space. And we also understand why they might perceive pop.capacity as a relatively new company that might not be able to find everything.

But really, we will find it.

Not only will we find it but we’ll pre-qualify it for you – ensuring that your particular needs are a fit for the space available. You’ll see photos, you’ll see video and you’ll enjoy an easy connection to the warehouse operator so you can make the arrangements directly – with no third party involved.

pop.capacity will find the match for you. By letting us handle it, you avoid making all these additional contacts with the warehouse and encouraging the warehouse to raise rates out of a sense that demand is higher than it really is.

So relax. We’ve got this. You just enjoy having a place to unload your cargo – and at the price you should pay – not at an inflated price that some shippers inadvertently elevate.

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