Partnership Will Allow pop.capacity Network Members to Not Only Find Ideal Warehouse Options, But Grab Bookings Instantly


ATLANTA, September 19, 2022 – pop.capacity, the first true digital marketplace for warehouse and fulfillment space, announces a new partnership with Loadsmart’s Opendock – a simple, automated method for booking warehouse space.

Opendock, powered by Loadsmart, is similar to Calendly in the sense that shippers can use the platform to find out which warehouses have space available and instantly reserve that space through an automated process. With the partnership, pop.capacity network members will not only be able to find the ideal warehouse fit simply by entering their preferred parameters, but will also be able to book the space they find instantly.

“Our mission at pop.capacity is to make the supply chain experience frictionless,” said CEO Matt Fain. “That’s why we help people connect with the ideal warehouse option without involving ourselves in the transaction. No one needs that friction in the process. Now, with Opendock as part of our platform, even more friction is removed from the booking process.”

Complete integration between pop.capacity and Opendock will be available at some point in the fourth quarter of 2022. But those wishing to access the opportunity immediately can contact pop.capacity to make arrangements.

From Loadsmart’s perspective, the partnership is a welcome opportunity to help eliminate friction from the supply chain.

“We are happy to partner with pop.capacity to build a community of frictionless solutions that create more efficient processes and help digitize companies’ supply chain solutions,” said Narendar Shankar, senior vice president of partnerships for Loadsmart.

In addition to the benefits for shippers and carriers looking for warehouse space, Fain said the pop.capacity/Opendock partnership will offer real-value to warehouse operators.

“They’ll be able to easily track in and out times, dwell time and no-shows,” Fain said. “They can easily record truck arrivals in real time while getting an accurate picture of both carrier and warehouse performance. And by eliminating surprise arrivals and first-come-first-serve expectations, warehouse operators will be able to plan labor more efficiently, reduce truck wait times and lower detention fees.”

Among other improvements, warehouse operators will see fewer bottlenecks at the gate, as truck drivers will arrive already knowing which bay is waiting for them – based on what the warehouse operator specified via Opendock.

All trucks will now be checked in digitally via tablets, eliminating the need for warehouse operators to do manual entry via spreadsheets or other similar platforms.

“This is the kind of automation that will make things more efficient and profitable both for warehouses and carriers,” Fain said. “It’s the sort of thing pop.capacity is committed to offering our network members.”

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About pop.capacity

pop.capacity is the first true digital marketplace for warehousing and fulfillment space. By leveraging A1 and virtual touring technology, pop.capacity has accelerated and enhanced the way shippers and suppliers directly connect on amazing opportunities. The pop.capacity platform enables shippers and suppliers to directly connect on the perfect opportunities while reducing the time and cost associated with sourcing new warehouse and fulfillment space.

About Loadsmart

Transforming the future of freight, Loadsmart leverages technology and logistics data to build efficiency around how freight is priced, booked and shipped. Pairing comprehensive logistics technology with deep-seated freight industry expertise, Loadsmart fuels business growth, simplifies operations and increases efficiency for carriers and shippers alike. For more information, please visit: Move more with less.

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