Atlanta, Georgia – January 26, 2o23

BoxLogix Automation and PopCapacity Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

BoxLogix Automation, a renowned provider of innovative material handling automation solutions, and PopCapacity, a leading platform in third-party logistics (3PL) discovery and sourcing, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This alliance aims to bring cutting-edge automation and logistical solutions to brands and 3PL providers, driving efficiency and value in the rapidly evolving supply chain marketplace.

The partnership between BoxLogix Automation and PopCapacity is set to create a suite of state-of-the-art solutions designed to enhance supply chain management for 3PLs. BoxLogix Automation, known for its expertise in material handling automation and adaptability to dynamic warehouse environments, will complement PopCapacity’s data-driven insights in matching 3PLs and brands with optimal solution providers. PopCapacity serves as a pioneering digital marketplace, while BoxLogix offers cutting-edge automated solutions, together providing a comprehensive approach that simplifies logistics decision-making and empowers businesses with strategic, informed choices.

“We are delighted to partner with PopCapacity, combining our automation know-how with their logistics expertise to redefine the future of supply chain management,” said Corey Anderson, President at BoxLogix Automation. “In the current dynamic supply chain landscape, it’s crucial to harness next-generation technology, and together, we are dedicated to equipping our customers with the necessary tools to thrive.”

Matt Fain, Co-Founder and CEO at PopCapacity, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “I’m very excited about the opportunity to partner with the team at Boxlogix Automation. Their solution and strategy for warehouse automation and design complements our frictionless marketplace very well. Whether you are a brand or warehouse partner, making your warehouse operations more efficient should be on the roadmap.”

About BoxLogix Automation

BoxLogix Automation specializes in advanced material handling automation, transforming warehouses and distribution centers with efficient, intelligent solutions. Committed to innovation and customer-centricity, BoxLogix provides tailored systems designed to meet the evolving needs of modern supply chains. Learn more about our impactful automation solutions at

About PopCapacity

Established in March 2020, PopCapacity® had a vision to digitize the procurement of 3PL warehousing and fulfillment capacity. By offering enhanced visibility and frictionless connectivity within our digital marketplace, they were able to offer the logistics industry a new modern way to procure space. After launching a successful marketplace they saw an opportunity to introduce their frictionless process and technology to other nodes of the supply chain. Thus creating the first ever digital procurement platform for logistics. Website:

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