The modern day supply chain leverages digital solutions to replace manual processes. Speed, visibility and effectiveness are key components to ensure you’ve built a resilient supply chain. PopCapacity® and Opendock have partnered to offer our customers a modern, frictionless way to source warehouse space, optimize your dock doors & manage your yard space.

Established in March 2020, PopCapacity® had a vision to digitize the procurement of 3PL warehousing and fulfillment capacity. By offering enhanced visibility and frictionless connectivity within our digital marketplace, we were able to offer the logistics industry a new, modern way to procure space. After launching a successful marketplace, we saw an opportunity to introduce our frictionless process and technology to other nodes in the supply chain. Thus, creating the first ever digital procurement platform for logistics.

Opendock is the leading dock scheduling software focused on solving the problem of truck wait times by allowing carriers and brokers to book appointments with warehouses online. Warehouses purchase the platform to provide online scheduling for carriers, manage appointment availability, and track both carrier and warehouse performance.

By joining forces we are offering our partners a unique opportunity to remove some unnecessary friction in their supply chain with technology!

Check out the exclusive offers for all PopCapacity®, Opendock and Loadsmart customers HERE!

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