The warehouse industry employed more than a million people, according to recent studies. It’s a field that’s also growing by more than 9% each year.

With that said, it’s an industry undergoing a series of changes and evolutions just like any. In fact, the field is likely to experience more change than most, due to the way people shop and how manufacturers are getting products to the public.

So what does the future of warehousing and distribution have in store? Consider the points below to find out.

The Future of Warehousing and Distribution

Whether you’re dealing with eCommerce, groceries, electronics, or any other industry, they’re all affected by changes in warehousing and distribution.

Here are a few that you should know about:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the Rise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a huge role in this field. It allows you to study a product’s life cycle, track your inventory, and automate just about every process in your warehouse.

We’re also moving rapidly toward automonous vehicles that will use AI to optimize routes and practices to get people their goods. Expect this rise in AI to revolutionize both warehousing and distribution, which will lower overhead costs and optimize the way that projects are completed.

2. Eco-Friendliness is Growing in Importance

Today, all industries are having to embrace the green-friendly approach. Companies are seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications, which set the tone for how energy is facilitated in your building.

Companies are both adopting LED lighting and taking control of how much energy is expelled in the building, both to curb waste and utility costs. Companies are frequently inspected and audited on energy-efficient issues, so sticking to these green-friendly practices will help your company remain in compliance.

3. Expect a Rise in Real-Time Inventory Checking

Speed is everything when it comes to the warehouse and distribution industry. The sooner you are able to make changes to your inventory, the easier it is to correct wasteful and damaging mistakes.

With the warehouse and distribution companies of the future, real-time inventory is set to become par for the course. This ensures that your customers get the goods that they need quickly, and helps you to make changes on the fly.

It allows for up tot he moment tracking and a series of decisions that will help you keep your budget intact.

4. The Way That People Shop is Shifting

Finally, the consumer is also shaping the way that warehousing and distribution are run. Companies like Amazon are routinely promising same-day and next-day shipping at affordable prices, so companies in all industries will have to keep up.

What’s more, companies must adopt policies and practices that allow them to be more flexible and productive. Meeting the demand of your consumers is the name of the game, so warehousing companies will have to adjust to stay viable.

Stay Up to Date With the Industry

Without question, some of the most exciting changes in commerce are happening in the field. Consider the points above so you can stay up to date with the future of warehousing and distribution.

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