RFP season is about to start, as shippers initiate the process of seeking both trucking and warehousing partners in the course of planning and implementing their First Quarter 2023 rollouts.

Every year the Request for Proposal (RFP) season requires shippers to consider new approaches to dealing with issues, and this year is no different. Few issues are more daunting this season than the difficulty of finding warehouse capacity.

And each year also presents opportunities to implement new approaches that can offer better results.

So we at pop.capacity would like to encourage shippers to try something different this year. Rather than just issuing an RFP for trucking, combine your trucking RFP with one for warehousing. Then send it to us at pop.capacity.

Our business is to assist shippers in the procurement of warehouse space. But most of our warehouse partners also provide trucking services. So by working through us, shippers can not only gain access to the carriers they need, but they can also procure that very coveted warehouse space that might make all the difference in getting you beyond the supply chain challenges with which everyone is currently struggling.

We will even offer a free RFP consultation, including a “poptimization” study that helps you get on top of concerns like link-to-haul, center-of-gravity and inventory allocation.

Do something different this year. Combine your trucking and warehouse RFPs and send them to us here (contact link). Then let us match you with the ideal partner for both.

New RFP year. New ways of doing things. Let’s get after it together.

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