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A Modern Way to Showcase Your Space

Our marketplace was designed to eliminate unnecessary friction when onboarding new customers. Our virtual touring & ‘Digital Space Matching’ technology ensures you scale your business with the right customers.

  • Savings: Avoid costly broker & technology fees

  • Simplicity: Eliminate unnecessary complexity
  • Transparency: Direct communication with brands

Transparent Pricing

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  • Facility specific profile

  • 360 Virtual Touring

  • Review shipper projects in real-time

  • Direct connection to the customer

For Warehouses

Why PopCapacity®

The popcapacity platform is the first true digital marketplace for 3PL warehousing and our goal is to match you with the perfect supplier by leveraging our AI-driven technology to save you time and money. Traditionally the process of finding the perfect warehouse partners has involved headaches and redundant processes, but we have fixed that.

We built this platform with shippers and suppliers in mind, and we know that as a shipper you are tired of dealing with the manual process and inefficiencies of working with 4PLs. We have fixed that once and for all with our platform.

Warehouse Process

How it Works

1. Register

Register in the PopCapacity Marketplace.

2. Schedule

Schedule your 360 Virtual Touring features.

3. Approval

Get notified once the supplier has approved the Scope of Work and introductions will be made for the project to begin.

Need Answers


What makes our technology different from the others for suppliers?2020-10-02T03:25:10+00:00

Our marketplace style platform is the first of its kind. There are several advantages in leveraging our technology over the others.  One is that we promote the use of our supplier’s systems & technologies. By utilizing native systems, this process allows for easier customer onboarding and implementation. Get a quicker  ROI by using your technologies VS someone elses. Our technology is our marketplace and it was built to be an insightful & savvy tool when procuring 3PL partners.

Do we get to speak directly with the shippers?2020-10-03T10:04:16+00:00

Yes, pop.capacity is committed to keeping our partners in the loop. By having direct contact with the customer, you enhance the level of communication, eliminating friction points encountered during discovery & onboarding. We understand that meeting your potential customer is key to creating a lasting partnership and we are not here to stand in the way of that.

What are the costs associated with popcapacity vs the “other guys”?2020-10-02T03:26:43+00:00

We offer a low monthly subscription to reduce any financial friction and all transactions are conducted directly between shippers and suppliers.

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